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Atlantic Stakeholder Conference 2020

The ASPC2020 Conference


The Atlantic Action Plan, is set up by the European Commission with the purpose to engage European, national, regional and local actors in the Atlantic seaboard countries and monitor progress of the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan.

The Support Team is composed of a Brussels based, central management team and five National Units based in Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal. In particular, the National Units keep regular contact with local, regional and national stakeholders to foster cooperation, obtain and provide timely information on funding opportunities, aiming to support interested stakeholders by providing targeted and proactive multi-purpose support to develop and implement projects like Sea Titan in line with the priorities of the Atlantic Action Plan.

This year is the 7th Conference and it will be a full virtual event where it will be introduce the pillars of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0. It will be also announce the winners of the 2020 Atlantic Project Awards, both Sea Titan and Wedge Global having been nominated. There will also be interactive parallel workshops, as well as virtual activities and exhibitions for the registered participants, in order to exchange views and share information for their projects.

In order to register, have a look at the ASPC2020 conference here:

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