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APPA and FENIE organize the First National Congress of Self-consumption

APPA Renovables and the National Federation of Installations Entrepreneurs of Spain, FENIE , have joined forces to organize the First National Self-Consumption Congress. This first edition, which will take place in Madrid on June 25 and 26, seeks to establish a national meeting point for all professionals who are dedicated to this form of electricity generation.


The regulatory changes introduced by Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 and the competitiveness achieved by some of the technologies used for self-consumption, especially in photovoltaics, have created the ideal conditions for the development of self-consumption in our country.

For this reason, APPA Renovables and FENIE, founders of the Platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and Energy Self-Consumption, have organized the First National Congress of Self-Consumption, “giving continuity to a defense of this form of generation that turns seven years old” , APPA says in a statement.

“Self-consumption is the perfect link between renewable energy and facilities entrepreneurs, two sectors represented by APPA Renovables and FENIE”, added from APPA.

The entire value chain will be represented.

Therefore, these entities will gather the entire value chain in June. Manufacturers, producers, installers, marketers and distributors will be present at the Congress (it will be held at the Hotel Rafael Atocha, very close to the Atocha station, to facilitate the attendance at the Congress of the congressmen who move from outside Madrid). . This event will also be a good opportunity for those companies and industries that want to know up close, professionally, how to benefit from self-consumption.

The photovoltaic energy will pass, according to the Integrated National Plan of Energy and Climate, from the current 8,409 MW to about 37,000. An increase of more than 28 GW in which the numerous self-consumption projects that are being developed in our country have a place.

Self-consumption allows users, along with the installation companies, to be active participants in the promotion of the Energy Transition and the fight against Climate Change, while also allowing significant savings in their electricity bill.


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