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Andalusia leads the EU project to achieve the implementation of the use of biomass

Guaranteeing the use of quality biomass is the main objective of the European project BIOMASSTEP, which Andalusia leads with the cross-border cooperation program Interreg-Poctep to guarantee its energy use between this region and the Portuguese Algarve.


This is a project that has been presented today in a conference with experts from both countries in the Provincial Council of Seville, which is working to develop a new methodology that enables companies in the bioenergy sector on-site evaluation of the quality of biomass, so that it becomes a real alternative to conventional energies with the help of the companies themselves.

This has been highlighted in the presentation of the conference by the vice president of Prodetur, the society of the Diputaci贸n de Sevilla which aims to promote local economic development and tourism, Antonio Conde, who has emphasized the “great commitment of technological and business future “that assumes BIOMASSTEP, since” it intends to be an instrument for the improvement of the productive fabric, with all that this can contribute to the creation of employment and to a more adequate use of the native natural resources “.

His work is essential to be “an essential factor to obtain good performance in the equipment used, as well as to ensure good air quality”, both aspects in which the autonomous community of Andalusia has been working for years.

For its part, the director of the Andalusian Energy Agency, Jorge Jim茅nez Luna, on behalf of one of the promoters of the project, said that this was essential, since “it is a great innovation that a marketing company or distributor of biomass, and even a large consumer, can have a team that determines, almost immediately, the quality of the biomass that sells or purchases, which, added to the indispensable certification processes, will provide great transparency and security to the sector “.

For the delegate of the Rector for the International Projection of the University of C贸rdoba, Mar铆a del Mar Delgado, “this type of projects are particularly relevant in climate change”, to underline the importance of “bringing together different types of partners, which It is very important to have working at the university with different types of companies. ”

Together with the Andalusian Energy Agency, this project is integrated by the University of C贸rdoba (coordinators), Corporaci贸n Tecnol贸gica de Andaluc铆a (CTA); Prodetur (Diputaci贸n de Sevilla); the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA Renovables), AREANATejo – Ag锚ncia Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Alentejo; AREAL – Regional Ag锚ncia de Energia e Ambiente do Algarve; LNEG – National Laborat贸rio de Energia e Geologia de Portugal and the University of 脡vora.

Within the framework of the project, which has a budget of more than 600,000 euros and two and a half years, an Interregional Platform for Biomass will be created between Andalusia and Portugal, which, as a cross-border network between companies in the sector, Research centers, universities, public administrations and companies will promote the implantation and transfer of the technology created by the project and the use of quality biomass.

Experts stressed that the use of biomass as fuel for energy generation is essential, noting that Andalusia occupies the first national position in biomass consumption for thermal energy generation, with 664,960 tons of oil equivalent (tep) in 2017, that supposed a contribution of 8.5% of the primary energy for thermal uses in Andalusia.

In terms of installed electrical power, the region also leads this sector with a total installed power of 227.98 MW (megawatts) in 16 power plants with biomass and cogeneration with biomass.

In addition, it has 20 biogas plants that contribute 31.53 MW, of which 12 are connected to the grid, with an output of 24.88 MW, while the rest (6.65 MW) generate electricity for self-consumption in isolation.

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