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After several weeks working very hard behind the curtains, we are glad to be back and we are ready to announce some findings and results about the H2020 SEA-TITAN project. We have published a recent article during the spring of 2020 in collaboration with the European Energy Innovation (EEI) magazine. The article describes the principal and the main aspects of the project, focusing on an innovation that supposes the use of an Open Hardware Buisness Model and a state of constant progress and opportunities working together with SIEMENS-GAMESA organisation.

SEA-TITAN features in the EEI spring 2020 special issue and you can find the whole article online and for free in the following link:

What is EEI?

European Energy Innovation (EEI) looks at the regional and national policies being formulated for, and the technologies being applied to, the switch to renewable energy. They examine solar technology, wind and wave power, sustainable transport, electric cars, new battery technologies, hydrogen fuel cells, smart grids, smart cities construction, sustainable aviation and shipping, green ports, hydro-electric power, oil and gas, nanomaterials and more. Featuring contributions from the European and national policymakers who frame the transition, from the opinion formers who lead it and from industry which makes it happen.

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