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All of Google’s consumption in 2018 came from renewable energy for the second consecutive year.

The Internet giant becomes the first organization of its importance to achieve it. To achieve this energy balance, the company is fed by three wind farms, dozens of electric turbines and 120,000 solar panels.


All of Google’s offices and data center were powered by renewable energy for the second consecutive year in 2018. In consequence, the company becomes the first organization of its importance to achieve it, according to a statement distributed on Monday by the Internet giant. According to Google’s calculations, the company “has purchased enough clean energy to fully match the global annual electricity use of its facilities.

This balance has been achieved thanks to several projects promoted with this type of contract, including three wind farms in Scandinavia, dozens of wind turbines in Oklahoma and more than 120,000 solar panels in the Netherlands. The strategy used to achieve this includes Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for the purchase of electricity from wind farms or solar farms built close to their facilities. “These PPAs have more impact than other purchase methods, such as unbundled Renewable Energy Credits,” according to the Google communiqué, as they “stimulate the construction of new renewable projects. In order to conglomerate more companies to place against climate change. Google decided this year to partner with other major energy buyers to launch the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and “catalyze 60 gigawatts of new renewable energy purchases” by 2025. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and chip design, the centers of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergei Brin are today “seven times more energy efficient than five years ago.

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