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AEE and AENOR will jointly promote knowledge of standards in the wind sector

Both entities today signed a collaboration agreement aimed at cooperation in the field of training and standardisation in the renewable energy sector. The wind sector will have special conditions thanks to this agreement both in the acquisition of UNE standards and in AENOR training courses and will help AEE companies to comply with their internal training plans.


Juan Virgilio Márquez, director general of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), said that “this agreement is a step forward in AEE’s vocation to provide added value to the wind energy sector. Training is a fundamental pillar for our companies. We are facing the challenge of the energy transition, and it is necessary to continue training our professionals and continue to be part of the technological vanguard, as well as increasing our capacity to adapt”.

“Wind power is constantly evolving, and this is reflected in the standardisation activity. The Spanish wind industry sector has traditionally had a strong participation in international standardisation committees, given the strategic factor that leading the drafting of design standards means when it comes to positioning European companies for the development of new products”, said Márquez. Specifically, the IEC 61400 standards collection is the standard that defines the design requirements of wind turbines and wind farms at an international level, and serves as a reference for the entire world wind sector.

Susana Lozano, Training Director at AENOR, has indicated that through this agreement AENOR makes available to AEE the 160 courses in the different areas, such as Risk Management, Administrative and Legal Management, Quality Management, Environmental Management, Social Responsibility, Energy Management, Circular Economy, R+D+i or Health and Safety at Work, in both open and on-line modes.

AEE has developed a section on its website so that its associates can access the benefits contemplated in this agreement.


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