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68.4% of the electricity consumed in the province of Cordoba comes from renewable sources.

Cordoba is a paradise of renewable energy. So much so that it is currently the leading province in Andalusia and practically in Spain when it comes to renewable energy. According to a report by the Andalusian Energy Agency, 68.4% of electricity consumed in the province of Cordoba comes from renewable sources.


The importance of renewables in the province of Cordoba comes mainly from two fields: biomass and solar energy. Since 2007, the installed power of photovoltaic plants in Cordoba has quadrupled. As far as biomass is concerned, almost 40% of all biomass produced in Andalusia is generated in Cordoba, according to the Cordoba newspaper.

Specifically, and according to the report of the Andalusian Energy Agency, in the province of Cordoba the residues of the olive grove and its industry (the alpechín) are used in eight different plants where it is generated with a power of 81.14 megawatts. As for solar thermal, a total of 300 megawatts are available. And waiting for more plants of a gigantic size to be built, such as Espejo, which could make almost all the energy consumed in Cordoba come from renewable sources.

“The province of Cordoba is characterized for having an electric energy production park based on renewable energies and cogeneration, with only one conventional thermal power station: the Puente Nuevo coal plant”, details the report. This coal plant also has an expiration date: next year it will cease to operate. The coal that feeds it no longer comes, as in the past, from the Guadiato Valley region, but from abroad.

Puente Nuevo currently has a power of 324 megawatts. In addition, Cordoba has eight cogeneration facilities with a total installed power of 54.83 megawatts. All of them use natural gas as fuel except one, which runs on diesel. This power has to be gradually replaced by more renewable, such as the photovoltaic projects planned in Palma del Río and Espejo.

Endesa plans to invest 73 million euros in the renovation of infrastructures in the period 2019-21 in order to improve the quality of supply throughout the province, with the digitalisation of infrastructures being particularly noteworthy.

In Cordoba, Endesa plans to build two new substations, expand the transformer power by 245 megawatts, improve 300 km of the distribution network and install 307 new remote controls.

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