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60% of the energy used by Honda will come from renewable sources.

Honda plans to cover 60% of the electricity used in its North American plants with renewable energy. Starting later this year, Honda will purchase 530,000 MWh per year from the Boiling Spring wind farm in Oklahoma. In 2021 they will start receiving 482,000 MWh from a solar plant in Texas. According to Honda, this agreement is the largest purchase of renewable energy by an automotive company.


This renewable energy will serve to completely avoid the energy generated by the coal used in its plants in Ohio, Indiana and Alabama. Honda hopes to avoid 800,000 metric tons of emissions per year. In addition, it plans to have two-thirds of its auto production electric by 2030. Other car companies are supporting renewable energy, such as Renault, which supplies electricity to an island in Portugal, and Nissan, which is looking for a way to recycle its EV batteries to power street lights. Cars are thus at the forefront of the fight against climate change.


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