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2019, the year of self-consumption in Spain

The moment of self-consumption has arrived. After several years of difficulties, administrative obstacles and unjustified tolls, distributed generation is ready to spread throughout Spain. Royal Decree 15/2018 finally opens the doors to the development of the sector in both the industrial sector and the tertiary and residential sector.


The new regulations

  • Recognize the right to self-consume electric power without charges.
  • It gives the green light to self-consumption shared by several consumers in buildings and real estate to take advantage of economies of scale.
  • It introduces the principle of administrative and technical simplification, especially for small power installations (less than 100 kW).

In this way, 2 types of self-consumption are established:

  • No surplus or spill to network and with a single consumer.
  • With surplus, discharged to network and two subjects, the consumer and the producer.

All this will be analyzed in the 6th edition of the technical day AutoconsumoTechnologies and projects , which will meet next February 6 in Madrid (Hotel Ilunion Pío XII) to renowned experts and companies specialized in the sector, among them, engineering, equipment manufacturers and distributors, as well as representatives of sector associations.

The speakers will present the latest technological innovations of the teams that make up the self-consumption facilities and will show various success stories recently made in Spain.

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